God is on the move at Lighthouse Ministries and we are sprinting to keep up with Him. The past six months have seen God perform some miraculous conversions. Perhaps the most amazing was what we like to call “The Easter Miracle.”

The health of one woman from Lighthouse was continuing to deteriorate. As a long-term dialysis patient, her prognosis was bad and getting worse every day. She and her husband asked me if I would start coming to the dialysis clinic to pray for other patients. They especially wanted me to meet a lady named Tiffany. Much to my disappointment the day I finally made it to the clinic she had gotten worse and was moved to the hospital. I went to visit her in the hospital only to find she was unconscious. Her father (pictured above) was there with her. After sharing the Gospel with him, he prayed to receive Christ. The next week, when she regained consciousness, Tiffany prayed to receive Christ. Later her oldest son (pictured above) and two other siblings also prayed to receive Christ. Now hang on, because this is where it starts to get complicated.

A few weeks later on Good Friday another lady from Lighthouse was hit by a car. She was declared brain dead on Saturday. It was then that her daughter and nephew prayed to receive Christ. On Easter Sunday her family donated her kidney to the lady who originally was on dialysis. By Monday she had a new kidney. She no longer needs to go to dialysis but the eternal fruit continues to be reaped.