For the past two months I have been spending two days a week in Oakland. I am still learning the ins and outs of this great city. I am discovering launching points and crossroads that God may want to use to spread the Word.

Two challenges I have encountered are - First: the language challenge. Many of the people I encounter speak only Spanish. My two years of Spanish in high school has not equipped me for this challenge. Second: the campus challenge. I have been attempting to gain a legitimate reason to be on college campuses sharing the Gospel.

Several weeks ago God gave us our first convert! Her name is Lisa. She is a young Hispanic woman with four young children. Lisa is being transformed. She says that God has given her a new found peace and she has begun to share the Gospel with her family members.

For me, Lisa is a real God-send: First, because she speaks both English and Spanish. God has already begun to use her reach Spanish people in Oakland. The second reason is because she is a student at the local Junior College. She has now begun meeting me on campus at her college after class. I am thankful that God knows exactly what He is doing even when I haven’t got a clue.

This last week we are hosted an event I call “Operation Oakland.” A group of us met at Caesar Chavez Park at 35th and Foothill Blvd in Oakland. First we had a one-hour training in how to share your testimony and how to share the Gospel. At 3 pm we went door to door at the park and in neighborhoods praying for people and sharing the Gospel. At 4:30 we will returned to the park to share what happened and how God moved as we went out. God provided several new converts and prospects from our efforts,, including another young Hispanic mother. At 5 pm we walked down the street to the local Mexican restaurant to have dinner before we returned to our homes.

Sound like fun? If you are anywhere in the northern California area you are invited to participate in the next one. I will let you know the details as they develop.